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Food For Thought

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    Saturday Winter Farmers Markets

    Saturday December 30th you can find us at: (click the links for more info) Amherst Winter Farmers Market will now be at the Hampshire Mall in Hadley every Saturday starting thru March 17. (enter by Target) 10am-2pm   January 2018: **Please note: NO Hudson Winter Farmers Market in January** Amherst (Hampshire Mall in Hadley)  every Saturday through March 17, 2018 Springfield Winter Farmer’s Market at

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    WE ARE THRILLED TO ANNOUNCE OUR GRAND OPENING OF The Berkshire Mountain Bakery . Pizza . Café        

  • Weekly Shipping Deadline

    Please take note, any orders placed after noon on Sunday will not be shipped until Tuesday of the following week. Thank You

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    Bread Winner – The Berkshires are home to some of the country’s best loaves

    We are honored to be highlighted in December’s SAVEUR magazine! Gabriella Gershenson (a HUGE fan of Richard’s Bread & Chocolate!) wrote a great little article about Richard and the sourdough breads he’s been baking for 26 years. When you stop to think about the main ingredients of sourdough bread, just flour and water, it seems fitting to consider Richard’s bread

  • Suggested Resources

    I am by nature an inquisitive person. I like to learn and explore areas of interest. I also enjoy sharing ideas and concepts with others as “food for thought.” I will be listing both books and web sites that I think have information and ideas that may be of value. I feel very cautious about suggesting these materials since I

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    Farmers’ Markets

    As people become aware of the value of buying locally grown, in season food, farmers’markets continue to flourish and multiply becoming available in many areas. Farmers’ markets are an ancient method used by farmers worldwide to sell their produce directly to consumers. Farmers find a number of advantages in selling at farmers’ markets. By selling directly to their customers without

  • Learn about our Sprouted Spelt Ginger Molasses cookies!

    Thus far, I have refrained from using whole grain flour to make cookies because I know that whole grain flour needs to be fermented properly using a souring agent such as whey, a live vinegar culture, or sourdough. The purpose of fermentation is to break down the phytic acid that is present in grains and prevents absorption of minerals during

  • Where to find (and eat!) Berkshire Mountain Bakery products

    Our goods get around!  Below is a list of where to find (and eat!) our products by state. If your favorite store or restaurant isn’t carrying our products, have them give us a call. And for locals or visitors, our retail store (in Housatonic, MA) is open 7 days a week! We can ship our Products anywhere in the US