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PayPal Process

PayPal Payment Process – Please Read

Upon check out you will go to Pay Pal’s payment processing. You will see the following:

  1. You will be asked to provide billing information on the first screen including credit card and billing address.
  2. The next screen will be confirmation of the information provided as follows:
    • Items ordered, shipping charges and your order total.
    • Payment method (credit card used)
    • Shipping address: PLEASE NOTE……the default shipping address is your billing address, if you are going to ship to a different address you must click on the blue link “CHANGE” listed just below the address in order to input a new shipping address.
    • Your e-mail address for contact purposes.

If you are ever uncertain as to how to process your order on our web site, please call us at 413-274-3412 so that we can help. Thank you.