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Customer Comments

  • Your wonderful, healthy breads remind me of my childhood days in Germany, where great artisinal breads made with natural sourdough (not industrial or other yeast) were the “state of the art.” Thank you for creating such great tasting and healthy food…truly the staff of life. You seem to be the only company to understand these all important differences and, for this, we are eternally grateful.

    Ortrud - New York, New York
  • I use the raisin bread to make a ham sandwich using horseradish cheddar spread!

    Olga – Great Barrington, MA
  • We love the mini-ciabattas…all five kinds! We have the chocolate toasted for breakfast and the herb & cheese with dinner. We fear we have become addicted, but happily so.

    Shari & Family - Norwalk, CT
  • I’m not sure what first inspired us, but we discovered that nutritional yeast sprinkled on hot buttered toast is quite delicious. When the San Francisco loaf first came out in 1987, we discovered a match made in heaven. It became an instant family classic and EVERY single child and adult who has ever tried it at our house has liked it. To this day when our girls come home they have San Francisco “yeast toast” for breakfast. It is also great with soup or anytime toast is served. For a little extra kick, you can rub the toast with a clove of garlic before you butter it. mmm mmm!!!

    Sarah & Peter - West Stockbridge, MA
  • Hello from Bethlehem, New Hampshire. My eating lifestyle is Macrobiotics. This bakery is a lifesaver for me. I purchase the Sesame Pan 22 ounce unyeasted sourdough bread. I steam it slightly and make sandwiches with it as well as eat it with soup. It is the very best tasting bread I have ever eaten. Management is so pleasant to work with.

    Katherine – Bethlehem, NH
  • I think the breads are wonderful. Although, they are definitely healthy and nutritious, they are some of the best I have ever tasted. If you love chocolate like I do, get the best of two worlds with Bread and Chocolate. Try it toasted with a touch of butter – GREAT!

    Joan - Shelton, CT
  • I have literally driven 80 miles from New Haven to buy this bread. It is so soulfully satisfying, it is often the featured item of my evening meal. My favorites are Sunny Flax, Peasant and Cherry Pecan, all of which offer a complex depth of flavor in place of the cloying sweetness and yeastiness of other so-called artisan breads.

    Richard - New Haven, CT
  • As a Brit, tea and cookies are a very important afternoon break. Living in Housatonic, you never know whose going to drop by. Berkshire Mountain Bakery has just exceeded my expectations with their recently added fine line of Wholesome Sprouted Grain Cookies. I have my favorites, but I love to break them up and serve an assortment of chunks. If no one drops by, I eat them all myself. I love them.

    Liz, Housatonic, MA
  • I love spelt pizza crust because it is my favorite dinner!

    Russell, Age 9, West Orange, NJ
  • I am a true fan of Berkshire Mountain Bakery bread. A recent business relocation from New York to Florida took me outside of the normal delivery range for my favorite bread. During my first month in Florida, I tried several of the “better” health food store breads and found that none compared in taste, quality, heartiness, nor in the level of satisfaction I get from eating Berkshire Mountain Bakery bread. In short, there is very little good quality, organic bread in my area of Florida. Life without my favorite bread? Absolutely not! I contacted Berkshire Mountain Bakery to see if there was some way to have bread air shipped to me in Florida. The bakery was very helpful and has been extremely accommodating and is now shipping me bread via UPS blue label air. I am thrilled to say that I am able to enjoy my favorite bread and am once again a happy camper. Thank you Berkshire Mountain Bakery!

    Alan - St. Petersburg, FL
  • Try the Cherry Pecan bread as French Toast!! I cut the slices fairly thick and then let them soak for 10-15 minutes on each side. This way the cherries really plump up with the liquid. The experience is exquisite when you bite into the slice of grilled French Toast and the cherries burst in your mouth. My guests swoon!!

    Deb - Housatonic, MA
  • My husband is sensitive to refined wheat flour, but tolerates spelt flour well. We discovered Berkshire Mountain Bakery’s spelt pizza shells and have become passionate about spelt pizza. When I make room in my freezer, I’m able to order them directly. It is easy and gets delivered the next day. I try to keep them on hand for our pizza cravings. Several minutes on the grill is our favorite way to cook pizza. It’s an absolutely perfect, mouth-watering feast. With a large salad, we can feed our carnivore grandkids and our vegan friends pizzas! Everyone gets pampered!

    Sharon - Boston, MA
  • Last winter, I was treated for Lyme Disease with a heavy duty antibiotic. Afterwards, it took nearly two months before I could digest fats or eat a normal meal. During this time, one of my staples was Berkshire Mountain Bakery’s sourdough spelt bread with South River’s Sweet White miso spread upon it. It was a lifesaver!

    Ginger – Ship Bottom, NJ